Lee Suhoon (Mika). ♥

Lee Suhoon of DaeGukNamAh.

Stage Name: Mika
Birthday: June 28, 1990
Trained for 4 years.

Extra stuff:
Old Cyworld (Closed in oct.09) New Cyworld | Twitter
♬ Can play the piano.
♬ Former Xing and Singing in the Rain member (both under Xing Entertainment)
♬ Used to go by the name of WHITE
♬ Has a younger brother
♬ Featured in SOOLj's "A Man Cries" and Lee AhSi's "Hello"
♬ Envies Garam for being handsome

First impressions of:

Garam: Handsome ;;
Hyunmin: Cool boy
Injoon: In my neighborhood, there's a little boy that looks like him
Jay: Cute ♡

Impressions after getting along a lot:

Garam: Still handsome!
Hyunmin: Dog..
Injoon: Karaoke ('cause he can sing anywhere, anytime)
Jay: Poppin'

(all credits go to enchanteDNA.com and d-na.mokey.co.kr)

NOTE: all of the photos that are posted here are all credited. <3

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